This business grosses $1.6M to $2.0M per year and nets the owner between $200,000 to $300,000 per year. Existing staff in place, just need owner or GM with Colorado Dealer/Sales License.
Offer is to buy basically the real estate (2 parcels) valued at $825,000, any owned seller inventory and any extra tools available from the seller. This will allow the new owner to be up and running within 2 weeks to a month depending upon Auto Industry License but can work under current licensing with a qualified Salesman license until the license comes through.

It comes with a fully operational website that has SEO and Google Ads that are providing proven results and generates both sales and unit purchasing leads. Owners will teach the buyer how to buy qualified units, take over the website with proven marketing results and a busy intersection that gets 40,000 plus in traffic per day. This is a rewarding business, fun to see all the different RVs and the customers are great to deal with since they are basically buying their vacation or retirement RV.

Hickman RV For Sale

1802 E. Pikes Peak
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

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